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5 Deadpool Comic Stories You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Read

With Deadpool hitting the big screen, portrayed by Ryan Reynold,  the past few years and with people just now starting to know one of Marvel’s strongest characters, writing this list of 10 Deadpool comic stories everyone should read, it seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

Deadpool aka Wade Wilson aka merc with a mouth is a fictional character first making his appearance back in the early 90’s. More precisely “The New Mutants #98”, in February 1991 and later on got his own mini-series.

Deadpool: The Circle Chase


Deadpool gets his own comic storyline after a number of guest appearances in various teams. The Circle Chase might not be the best of Deadpool comic stories but it’s certainly worth while. The story revolves around Deadpool and his mercenary, bad manners and a number of adversaries all trying to find the ultimate weapon. A very 90’s cliche comic storyline with little to no background information and a lot of fighting.

Read Deadpool: The Circle Chase

Cable & Deadpool: If Looks Could Kill

If you think the movie was good then you’ll love the comic. Cable and Deadpool are teaming up in this 2004 comic written by Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown. How can Deadpool and Cable co-exist under one comic story roof that it something that you’ll need to find out but hint, Deadpool’s humor is there and with a serious character such as Cable it only proves that Nicieza and Brown have the skills to work everything out.

Cable & Deadpool were ranked #7 on Marvel’s list of “The Greatest Buddy Teams” of all time.

Read Volume 1 of Cable & Deadpool here

Deadpool, Volume 3: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Deadpool_Vol_3_15_TextlessThis is it fellas, this is as good as it gets. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is certainly not just another Deadpool story. Even though it contains that filthy funny mouth of Wade’s and a great 70’s throwback which will give you some laughs, this story is not about that. It’s all about proving that Deadpool is a human being… deep inside.

But before getting into this one, keep in mind that it kinda hurts the feelings. People cried over this Deadpool novel.

Read Deadpool Volume 3: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Marvel Now) here

Deadpool #11: With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence

Deadpool and Blind Al find themselves stuck in a 60’s Spider-man comic. Using his image inducer he turns himself into a Peter Parker while Blind Al plays the role of Aunt May. A funny adventure that surely belongs to the top. Not to mention that it is certainly one of the most iconic covers for both Spider-man and Deadpool.

Read Deadpool #11 right here


Deadpool: Dead Reckoning

Maybe the best of all Deadpool comic stories ever written is in my honest opinion the Dead Reckoning written by Joe Kelly. It made us think twice about Deadpool and his role in the entire Marvel Universe.  What it simply proved is that Deadpool is not just for laughs and when the time requires it he always makes the right choice. Sometimes the right choice is not one that anyone can easily see and sometimes the right thing to do is to make some hard choices. Sometimes it might even be to kick Captain America in the butt and fight aliens that want to bring eternal piece (?). Sometimes Deadpool can be the right choice.

Find Deadpool: Dead Reckoning here

Written by Angelos Savvaidis

Digital Marketing enthusiast by day Comic Book Geek by night!

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