Ashe: Warmother Riot/Marvel Comic
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Ashe: Warmother #1

Riot has been smashing the MOBA awards for years. Now it’s time to do the same within the comic industry.

Writer: Odin Austin Shafer

Artist: Nina Vakueva

Letterer: Cardinal Rae

Cover Artist: Yasmine Putri

One of the most popular “MOBA” (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game in the past few years is “League of Legends” developed and published in 2009 by Riot Games. It’s a game filled with champions, magic, and strategy, where each team tries to destroy the enemy team’s “Nexus”. Although in-game there isn’t much of a story to tell, due to its own nature, there are a few hints of storyline (connected to the main lore) once the champions enter the arena, for example «I will unite the Freljord» by Ashe.

Riot has built a large universe with plenty of interesting characters and stories. In that note, the company, has created a few comics for several champions such as “Ryze: The Burning Lands”, “Varus: Retribution” and others. After the feedback on these comics the company has decided to fill in and expand its universe even more and what better partner to help them do that than Marvel. Both companies have created their own unique world, with thick storylines and heroes with amazing abilities and with Marvel’s understanding of the comic book world you can expect great results for the League of Legends comics.

That being said, this collaboration has already given us part of the first out of three series lined up. You already know from the title that this first series revolves around Ashe’s origins. The first issue was published on 19th December of 2018 and the next one comes up on the 16th of January. The comic is free to read digitally but you can expect a physical copy later this year.

According to Greg Street, Head of the Creative Department, there will be multiple series published each month and after six months since release, those comics will be posted on the League of Legends Universe site for free.

Written by Eleni Adamidou

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