Best DC Comics 2018
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Best DC Comics 2018

We made sure you will get the best bang for your buck with the top dc graphic novels of 2018

There’s a lot of DC Comics entertainment coming at you nowadays. The DCEU (DC Extended Universe) keeps popping movies like Aquaman onto the big screen while the small screen comes to life with a variety of awesome shows on CW. Meanwhile, the DC Universe app is making classic comics and shows available to stream while also premiering original content like Titans.

Long story short? There’s never been a better time to dive into DC comics to get more of the heroes you love. But with so many comics out there, it’s tough to know which are worth collecting.

Don’t worry, though: we’ve hacked the Batcave and brought you the best DC Comics 2018!

Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle
When it comes to writing comics, very few are a match to Tom King, Hugo Award-nominated writer of Vision and illustrator Mitch Gerads. Their take of Jack Kirby’s New Gods, Mister Miracle is unique, thrilling and by all means, a breath of fresh air that easily made the top of our DC Best Comics for 2018 list.

Scott Free aka Mister Miracle is an escape artist that has pulled off every stand he ever attended including escaping Apokolips and traveling to earth where he became famous with his extraordinary ability. But even though it seems that Scott has it all and has mastered the game he still hasn’t been able to master one. Death.

Even though we found the comic story to be a bit heavy and if you are a new reader you might find this a bit, over your head and you might not understand a big portion of what is actually going on (DC has a history of not explaining things properly), Mister Miracle is a multi-dimensional comic in the sense that you will understand the love Mister Miracle feels for Barda, his hatred for Granny Goodness and his questions about life and death. In a sense, we seem in Scott Free ourselves and the questions and feelings we feel on a daily basis.
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Justice League: Dark

justice league Dark

Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Alvaro Martinez Bueno Justice League: Dark made the perfect start and combined the perfect mix of characters. Following the story of Justice League: No Justice this spin-off unites Wonder Woman Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat and Detective Chimp trying to save the world from enemies you’ve never seen before whilst trying to “fix” magic

If we could rate this comic, it would easily get a 10 out of 10 which makes it one of the best comics in this list by far.
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Batman Vol.4 The War of Jokes and RiddlesSometimes, it can feel a little tough to recommend a Batman comic. This is because the character is everywhere: movies, TV shows, cartoons, video games, and so on. It’s enough to make even casual Bat-fans ask themselves if there is anything new that can be done with this vintage character.

As it turns out: heck yeah! The latest Batman comics (written by Tom King and illustrated by Mikel Janin) have explored old characters like Catwoman and Bane in fun and exciting ways. But what makes it one of the best DC comics to read is the exploration of Batman—his motivations, his hopes, and his fears. Trust us: you don’t think the Caped Crusader is played out or one-dimensional after a few of these issues!
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Batwoman and Death shall be her legacyBatwoman is further proof that Gotham City still has some cool stories left to explore. This series follows a very different kind of vigilante as she embarks on a quest of both self-discovery and vengeance. And if you like the DC TV shows on CW, reading this series is a fun primer for the character’s upcoming cameos and solo show!

The series is written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Fernando Blanco. They make a great team: the dialogue really helps Batwoman stand out from the rest of the Bat family, and the art is good enough that you’ll want to frame just about every page. By far, this is one of the best current DC comics.
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Justice League

Justice League Vol1 The TotalityIf we’re being honest, the Justice League brand is a little tarnished right now. It’s an open secret that their big screen debut was quite overwhelming. But if you’re a fan who wants to see what these characters can do in the right creators’ hands, then you need to pick up Justice League.

The art by Francis Manpaul is vivid and vibrant. But our favorite part is the writing by Scott Snyder. Snyder has spent years writing the best Batman comics, and now he brings his unique style and vision to the planet’s greatest team. And the storylines feel nice and accessible, making this one of the best DC comics for beginners.
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Supergirl #24Supergirl has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. This is largely due to her successful TV show and its amazingly charming lead actor, Melissa Benoist. If you’re a fan of the show and wanting more adventures of your fave character, the Supergirl comic is for you.

This is because this book (written by Marc Andreyko and drawn by both Evan Shaner and Karl Kesel) is now modeled more after the show in the wake of the “Rebirth” event. Ultimately, this is another one of the best DC comics for beginners, but we’d recommend it to any veteran fans in a heartbeat!
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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #59Wonder Woman is another character that has had a surge in recent popularity. This is thanks in large part to her big screen appearances: she was the best part of the otherwise glum and gritty Batman v. Superman, and her solo movie is one of the few certified hits that the DCEU has had.

The latest Wonder Woman comic continues that momentum by making some fun changes to her mythology while still keeping things fun and familiar. Written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by Cary Nord, this series is a perfect blend of both Greek mythology and DC mythology. Even if we had the Lasso of Truth on us, we’d still tell you this is one of the best DC comics of 2018.
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Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol #6One accusation that is often leveled against superhero comics is that they are mostly alike. And we can’t lie: “colorful hero beats up colorful villain” and other tropes often seem like they’ve been done to death. So if you’re in the mood for something that feels both weird and fresh, then you need Doom Patrol.

This comic is written by Gerard Way and Nick Derington. It basically does the impossible: despite being a mature book aimed at older readers, it channels the fearless inventiveness of comics that first drew all of us in as kids. And with their solo show on its way from DC Universe, there’s no time like the present to read up on these characters.
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Injustice 2

Injustice 2 Vol 2The first Injustice series took the world by surprise. It was a video game tie-in series that, frankly, most people felt would be phoned in. Instead, it ended up being the most powerful Elseworlds-style comic DC has put out in the last decade.

And Injustice 2 (written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Xermanico) continues the tradition, exploring an alternate world in which Superman went evil and took over the planet. Now, Batman and his compatriots try to put the world back together while taking on new threats. If you want to see heroes and villains like never before, this is one of the best DC comics!
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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn #45 newHarley Quinn has, ironically, something in common with her nemesis Batman: both characters often seem overexposed and played out. However, don’t let that fact keep you from reading the latest Harley Quinn comic, as it’s guaranteed to make you smile and laugh even more than the Joker!

The comic is written by Sam Humphries and Alisson Borges. As you’d expect, this is one of the less serious DC titles: it’s all about having fun, and not afraid to laugh at itself as much as at the DC comics world. If you want to walk on the lighter side with Harley, we give this our highest recommendation!
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Final Thoughts

Now you know what the best DC comics of 2018 are. Stay tuned to 101Comics for more news about your favorite DC superheroes!

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