Best New Comic Characters to Debut in 2018

Comics are part of our life’s since ancient times and even though popularized mainly in the past century or so, writers have a difficult time producing new superheroes that will somehow make a name for themselves and in all reality, it’s not that easy with the thousands of superheroes in existence already.

Finding something unique that it doesn’t already exist in a form or shape is not easy yet somehow every now and then we get a glimpse of the eclipse like phenomenon (in our days) of a character creation that is so unique and powerful that we can’t stand by idle without giving some praise.

Below we have a list of what we considered the best new comic character to debut in 2018 with a small burning wish to somehow keep on seeing more and more of them.


Sideways #1

From writers, Justin Jordan and Dan Didio and artist Kenneth Rocafort come Sideways which is what you might say a “collateral” from “Dark Nights: Metal” and the Dark Multiverse colliding with DC’s Multiverse.

After falling through a rift to the dark matter dimension, Derek James gains the ability to travel through rifts in a blink of an eye giving him the ability to travel anywhere he wishes at any given time.

Derek James, as any high school junior would do, is using this power at the fullest. Now cracks are starting to form in the fabric of the space-time continuum and he has to face the consequences.

Sideways is one character that we’d love to see joining other teams!
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The Upside Down Man

Upside Down Man

From one of our best comics of 2018, Justice League: Dark which Wonder Woman is the leader of a group of some unique but extra-ordinary character set to correct magic, comes the Upside Down Man.

Drawn by Alvaro Martinez Bueno, the Upside Down Man is nothing you’ve ever seen before. As per James Tynion IV twitter followers, this is one of the spookiest villains you’ll encounter and is probably going to keep you up at night.
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Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider #1

OK, here it goes. This is the one hero that you’ll want to stop your reading and go on and check immediately.

Written by Donny Cates and art by Dylan Burnett, Cosmic Ghost Rider is a breath of fresh air. A unique rich in mayhem, delightfully bonkers comic. In a nutshell, Frank Castle aka the Punisher made a deal with the devil which made him the Ghost Rider and a deal with Galactus which made him… cosmic.
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Bats the Ghost Dog

Bats the Ghost DogDoes the name Bats the Ghost Dog sounds a bit weird for a superhero? Well hell yes, it does but none the less this is a Dog we want to keep on peti… reading about.

Bats was first seen at Doctor Strange #381 this January and unfortunately with we saw him die at the next volume with the help of Loki and due to the dog’s own heart problems. Yet due to a spell that was cast by Dr. Strange and probably something to do with Strange giving the dog’s corpse as a gift to the tree Yggdrasill we see the ghost of Bats return to Dr. Strange.

Now Bats the Ghost Dog has the ability to talk and be understood plus it now has the ability to possess human bodies.

Now, who’s a good boy?!
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Knull the God of Symbiotes

Knull The God of Symbiotes

If you so much as liked Venom then this is exactly your super-evil-villain God that you will fall in love with. Donny Cates does it again, this time by taking the entire Venom and symbiote origin story and flip-it-flop it around.
From the story of Michael Bendis where the Symbiots were an inherently peaceful race to a full on killer machines created by Knull to kill celestials back when the universe was dark and full of terrors. Knull is the ultimate Symbiote God and we loved him!
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Voyager Marvel

Voyager was Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zubkavich, designed by Mike Allred and first appeared in Avengers #675 - Part 1.
The only daughter of the Grandmaster he is using her for his advantage against the games he is playing with the Challenger by placing her within the Avengers team on earth (a so-called neutral zone for the two).

So many questions and such great power engulfs this new character that we just can’t wait to see or hear more about her.
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Xandra Xavier

Xandra Xavier

As you might have guessed by the name, Xandra Xavier is the daughter of none other than Professor Xavier aka Professor X aka the one that should keep it in his pants!
Yes, you’ve heard me right, three kids with three different mothers, it seems that Professor X has some of that magical mojo juice Austin Powers is talking about.

Having said that, we are thankful he did not keep it in his pants since Xandra is adorable, hands up!

Like her father, Xandra has the ability to read minds and telepathically project her own thoughts to other people as well as create illusions, camouflage herself and create some seriously painful mind blasts by forcing a huge amount of information in someone’s mind.
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Dr. Frye

The Immortal Hulk #2

Dr. Frye is another great addition to the villains of Marvel.
First seen in Immortal Hulk #2 Dr. Frye is a doctor that played with the same formula Dr. Banner did in order to find a cure for death. Seeing that Banner has found a way to cheat death numerous times and having a pathological fear of death Dr. Frye created a similar formula which gave to himself and his son.

As you might have guessed it, the formula did not work as planned and Dr. Frye because a life sucking ghoul that the Hulk had to bury alive for all eternity.

We loved the story behind Dr. Frye and it’s not always that a villain seen in such a fast pashed manner has such a great backstory.
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We are always on the lookout for more exciting characters that can make it to the list. So if you can think of a character that we missed, please make sure to comment below and we will make sure to add them in our list!

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