November 25, 2018

Boom! Announces "The Grand Abyss Hotel" Graphic Novel

Boom! Studios announced "The Grand Abyss Hotel" graphic novel to be published in May 2019. Written by Marcos Prior and Eisner-nominated artist David Rubín, "The Grand Abyss Hotel" is a timely graphic novel set in a world that big business and fake news are controlling social media machine.

The science fiction graphic novel is perfectly mirroring our world and the situation we are facing on a day to day basis but in return, it multiplies the effect a "few" times.

“We created THE GRAND ABYSS HOTEL in the spirit of the greatest science fiction, acting a mirror to the world to help reveal a type of violence that, unlike purely physical, primary and spectacular violence, tends to remain hidden,” said writer Marcos Prior. “It’s the symbolic violence – both institutional and economic – that remains invisible although its effects may be more lasting and devastating than the more visible physical kind.”

“With THE GRAND ABYSS HOTEL, Marcos and I don’t want to give answers about the political and social moment that we are all living all over the World. Instead, we want to make people think about their role in the chaotic times that we live in,” said artist David Rubín. “By asking that question, we hope it helps you find your own role in the larger social and political landscape. The best weapon to fight against corrupt systems is simply an idea. Believe me, nothing is more dangerous to a bad person than asking the questions that empower the masses.”

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