captain america annual (2018) #1
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Captain America Annual (2018) #1 Review

captain america annual (2018) #1
Captain America Annual (2018) #1
Like Amazing Spider-Man Annual (2018) #1, this Captain America Annual takes us back to WW2 days and the retro-styled comics. Tini Howard, Chris Spouse, and Ron Lim unite to bring one story that was “left out”. A story of how Captain America and his always loyal friend Bucky helped save the lives of 3 prisoners of war while on a co-op mission behind enemy lines
As per usual, 3rd Reich, Nazis, Laboratories and some good old justice kicking ass is part of this volume.
During an advance scouting mission in World War II, Captain America and Bucky come across an old farmhouse where a group of concentration camp escapees are fending off recapture. If they can hold the line, the Allies will come to the rescue. But it’s going to be a long night…Rising star Tini Howard joins superstar Chris Sprouse for a powerful, gripping journey into Captain America’s storied past!

Written by Angelos Savvaidis

Digital Marketing enthusiast by day Comic Book Geek by night!

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