The Umbrella Academy: The Apocalypse Suite Review

In an inexplicable worldwide event, forty-seven extraordinary children were spontaneously born by women who'd previously shown no signs of pregnancy. Millionaire inventor Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven of the children; when asked why, his only explanation was, ``To save the world.``

These seven children form The Umbrella Academy, a dysfunctional family of superheroes with bizarre powers. Their first adventure at the age of ten pits them against an erratic and deadly Eiffel Tower, piloted by the fearsome zombie-robot Gustave Eiffel. Nearly a decade later, the team disbands, but when Hargreeves unexpectedly dies, these disgruntled siblings reunite just in time to save the world once again.

Dark Horse more often than not brings to us masterpieces that the likes you are not really able to find within any other publisher portfolio. Such is the case with The Umbrella Academy: The Apocalypse Suite. Written by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá as the artist The Umbrella Academy has a unique style and story that is both trippy and somehow psychedelic.

The Umbrella Academy

The entire story contains a number of flaws and if you are not a fan of unanswered questions this might not be something you’ll like but for most of us it was something that made us eager to read chapter after chapter and even wait for the next storyline.

A day like any other 47 women unexpectedly gives birth, despite having no pregnancy signs. 7 of those kids were immediately adopted by an eccentric, millionaire scientist named Dr. Reginald Hargreeves. He raises them with numbers instead of names and even though they consider them a father he treats them as subjects.

Soon we see the seven battle against a berserk Eiffel Tower manned by a zombie-robot Gustave Eiffel with their super-powers and if you thought this is weird you are mistaken.

As we previously mentioned some things are left quite loose and some questions remain unanswered. The story continues 20 years in the future with the team all split up and with everyone kinda having a lot of personal issues that we know nothing about. Thankfully the story is rich and if nothing else it sticks together just fine.

If you need a dose of angry robots, psychotic, crazy orchestras and some murderous kids with superhuman powers then there is never going to be a better comic than The Umbrella Academy: The Apocalypse Suite.

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