Saga Collectible Toys

As to be expected from Saga, voted one of the best comics of all time, its collectible toys sales have been off the roof for the past few years with some of them being the best Funko Pop! Vinyls you've ever seen and quite hard to get your hands onto.

If you are not sure what Saga is then check out our full on Saga comic review.

The Will Bloody Face Funko Chase Variant

The Will Saga Funko Chase Variant

The Will, the famous bounty hunter that with the help of his sidekick "The Lying Cat" can easily detect when they've been lied to. The above version is a Funko Pop! Chase version which adds a splash of blood on The Will's face.

The Will

The Will Saga Funko Pop

As per above this is the default version of The Will. Easier to be found and much cheaper but missing that bloody stamp on his face that makes the chase so much better.


Marko Funko Pop

Marko is the father of the heroine and in most cases, the narrator of the comic is one of the main characters in Saga. Marko has magical powers and you can easily tell from the little blue fire he is holding in one hand!


Alana Saga Funko

The epitome of what means to be a mother. Alana is the wife of Marko and mother to Hazel, a main character of the Saga comic series. Nothing can stop her from protecting her daughter!

Lying Cat Barnes and Noble Exclusive

Lying Cat Barnes and Noble Exclusive Funko

The trusted sidekick of The Will, the Lying Cat can detect every time someone lies to them. But as every other cat, she likes to be adored! This Funko is a Barnes and Noble exclusive Funko!


Isabel Funko Saga Babysitter

Probably the most iconic babysitter of all time. Isabel is a ghost turn in half watching over Hazel. Couldn't be better for a Funko!

Overwatch Funko Pop! Vinyl Collectibles

Ever since its initial release Overwatch has been a game sensation for tens of millions of players monthly. No surprise that Overwatch Funko has followed closely behind with sales booming since their first appearance. And who wouldn't want one with such amazing design and detail put into them?

At 101Comics we have made a list of our all-time favorite Overwatch Funko Pop! figures. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite!

Pharah (Anubis) Amazon Exclusive

Pharah (Anubis) Amazon Exclusive

This Amazon Exclusive Pharap Funko Pop! Vinyl is everything an Overwatch gamer needs. Standing at 3 inches tall, this is suitable for all Overwatch fans. Keep in mind this is an exclusive to Amazon, Funko Vinyl which means that availability might be scarce and the price might increase.

Wraith Reaper

Wraith Reaper

Standing 3 inches tall, this Wraith Reaper Funko Pop! Vinyl is stylized and extremely deadly. Blizzard said it first - "The grave cannot hold him . . . but your collection can!". Don't miss out.

Bastion Over-sized

One of our favorite Overwatch Funko Pop! Vinyls, Bastion is a 6 inches tall robotic masterpiece. Secure victory with this super-sized Bastion along with the adorable Ganymede!


Whether you need her for healing, damage or just to decorate your shelves Moira has what it takes to make the job right. Standing at 3 inches tall, Moira's Funko Figure is holding her Biotic Orbs and is ready for action!

Cultist Zenyatta (Blizzard Exclusive)

Cultist Zenyatta must be admittedly one of the most awesome Funko Pop! Vinyls of Overwatch. It is a Blizzard Exclusive, Limited Edition Funko and it's worth the extra bit of cash that it costs!

Funko Collectibles - The Ultimate Fandom List

There is a clear winner when it comes to collectible figures and toys and Funko is their name. There is nothing geekier and, to be 100% honest, adorable, than a Funko Pop! Vinyl figures sitting next to a laptop at the corporate offices of a business. Any business.

This is the reach that Funko has achieved. Imagine walking past the open floor plan of an accounting firm, arguably the most boring place in the universe, just to have some Funko Pop(ing) around, making the place more livable (seen it first-hand plenty of times).

Having said that Funko means serious business for a lot of people that not just love the creativity of their products but for their value as collectibles and as I tried to explain in my article about comics to invest in 2019 there is never too late to jump into the collector's wagon and enjoy the extra cash an investment can bring you.

Here is a list we created for you of what we consider as a solid investment for when it comes to Funko! Let us know what you think.

Stranger Things Funko Collectibles

Stranger Things Funko Collectibles

Stranger Things is one of the best shows currently on TV with a rating of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and with its third season airing in a matter of days its popularity is about to hit the roof, so are the sales and searches for its collectibles. That is one of the easiest bets if you'd want to have something beautiful on your shelf while having the option to make some money out of it later down the road.

Rick and Morty Funko Collectibles

Rick and Morty Funko Collectibles

Rick and Morty are coming back for a season 4 this coming November and with it Funko Pop figures are in an all time high. Between us, it never really left that high with Rick and Morty's collectibles being one of the best things ever happened for the show fans.

From weaponized, drunk or inside a spaceship, Rick to scared and confused Morty along with every wonderful character the animated series ever produced is in the loop.

Star Wars Funko Collectibles

Star Wars Funko Collectibles

Someone said "Best Franchise in the Galaxy!" well then you are right! Star Wars has the biggest, meanest, coolest collection of collectible toys since the 70s and for a good reason. It is the best opera/adventure/action franchise in the galaxy and that is a fact. Collectors have been swarming the market buying everything they can get their hands on when it comes to Star Wars and Funko made sure to please them with their vast collectible figures.

These ARE the droids you're looking for!

Toy Story Funko Collectibles

Toy Story Funko Collectibles

Toy Story is one of our all-time favorite movie franchise. No matter how old you are, same like Andy, inside you are always a kid and when Toy Story 4 hits the big screen people will swarm to see it. Same thing is always happening with its collectibles. Maybe the collectibles come to life just like the movie toys do! Food for thought.

Marvel Funko Collectibles

Marvel Funko Collectibles

With all the recent hits of Marvel, there can't be a room of a hardcore comic fan without a Marvel Funko Collectible on their shelves. I mean there shouldn't for sure. The amazing thing about Funko is that its ultra-realistic in a fun way and when you see your favorite superhero (or supervillain for that matter) it's just impossible to resist. Let's keep in mind that Stan 'The Man' Lee and his own mini Funko Pop figures!

Let us know what Funko Fandom you like more below in the comments!

Stranger Things Season 3 Funko Pop

Less than two months for the Stranger Things season three to air on Netflix and Funko Pop already teases us with photos of their new Stranger Things Funko Pop Collection which will soon be available for pre-order from your nearest comic store or available on eBay and Amazon.

Top Star Wars Collectible Toys

There is always room for more toys. Especially if they are the right ones.

May the 4th marks another Star Wars Day for Star Wars fans across the galaxy and even though most of the world knows Star Wars from the movie hits that keep on giving, we can't forget the amazing line of toys that have been decorating our shelves for the past few decades and there is no better day than Star Wars Day to get your share of Star Wars collectibles.

Ever since the first Star Wars movie people have been collecting Star Wars merchandise and prominently display them and for a good reason. If you are a toys collector then you know the why but if you are not then the only thing that you need to do is check some of these wonderful pieces right here to get you started.

Star Wars Collectible Toys

Star Wars toys have been around since the first movie came out and it's no secret they can be pretty expensive with a single toy having sold for $150,000. But this is not the majority of toys and if you are not into new (even though they look good) then you will love some of the older toys that still have some reasonable price with opened toys selling around $30 to $60 and unopened in their original packaging selling anywhere from $600 to a few thousand US dollars.

Most notable among the first vintage now toys are that of Darth Vader, Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo.

Even though the above have a higher price range there are great deals and opportunities that appear from time to time within eBay or Amazon that could easily turn your hobby into a great investment.

New Star Wars Toys are also a great investment and with Lego and Pop Vinyl making it easier than ever to become a collector you could get the toy that matches the movie you liked and with a growing francise it is almost guaraanteed that it will worth something in a few years time.

Check out some of the newer Star Wars toys from Lego or Pop and take your pick.

5 Funko Pop Figures that are a Collectors Dream

If you've been in the comic industry, whether a collector or just a comic fan then you have heard of Funko or even possible own a bunch of their collectable toys and with some luck you might even have in your collection a gem without even being aware (fingers crossed). In the slight chance though that you don't know what "Funko" is then I will try to briefly summarise it.

Funko is a company that manufactures pop culture, licensed toys with and is probably best known for their vinyl figurines and bobbleheads. The company operates for the past 20 years and have created some of the most desired from collectors, toys.

Check some of them in our list below.

Ned Stark (Headless)  Funko Pop Vinyl

Ned Start Headless Funko Pop Vinyl
Ned Stark (Headless) Funko Pop

For all the Game of Thrones fans there is probably no better Pop! out there than the headless Ned Stark. We all loved him and we all hated it when he died but, with all honesty his death was worth it since it created this awesome Vinyl.

Easily one of the most popular Pop! Figures out there and even though it was an exclusive to San Diego Comic Con back in 2013, this has been selling like crazy ever since.

Disney Alien - Funko Pop Metalic Vinyl Figure

Disney Alien - Funko Pop Metalic

Disney Alien - Funko Pop Metalic

Another great San Diego Comic Con Vinyl Figure from Funko is the Disney Alien metalic edition. Launch back in 2012 this has been a fan favourite for a while with an estimated value of $900 - $1,000.

The Metallic Vinyl Alien is an affordable and great item for collectors and also beginners collectors that want to make a great start.

Batman (Blue Chrome) - Funko Pop

Batman Blue Chrome Pop Vinyl
Batman (Blue Chrome) - Funko Pop

Another great addition in the Pop! series of Funko is the Blue Chrome Batman. With a release date of just 2017 and exclusive to the San Diego Comic Com and Toy Tokyo, Batman Chrome is a fairly new addition which value is now estimated at around $400 - $450.

Can't be ignored and will make a nice colourful addition to anyone's collection!

Tony the Tiger (Flocked) - Funko Pop Vinyl

Tony The Tiger Vinyl Pop Figure
Tony The Tiger Vinyl Pop Figure

Pop! Ad Icons brought out another must have. This time it's Kellogg's Frosted Flakes own Tony The Tiger. This Pop Vinyl that came out just recently in 2017 and was exclusive to Funko-Shop has an estimated price of $500 - $550

We personally think that this looks gggggggreat!

Children of the Forest (Metallic) - Pop Vinyl Figure

Children of the Forest Game of Thrones Metallic Figure Pop

Children of the Forest (Metallic) - Pop Vinyl Figure

Another great Game of Thrones figure that made the list is Children of the Forest (Metallic) that was exclusive to HBO with an estimated price of $440 - $460 this is one of the ones you have to own if you are a GoT fan.

Custom Stan Lee with Infinity Gauntlet Funko Pop!

What a great surprise for our shelves towards the end of the year!

Stan Lee Infinity Gauntlet Funko Pop

Brought to us by Funko Pop! this miniature features The Man himself wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. Who better to hold the future of Marvel than the man that created it.

You can find the Custom Stan Lee Funko Pop for sale on eBay.