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Death of Daredevil is Officially Here

While most of us are celebrating the return of Wolverine, Marvel is setting up another drama for their fans to worry about.

The “Death of Daredevil” comes to us from a Marvel announcement. Starting Daredevil #609 on October 17 it will mark the beginning of the end for Matt Murdock and it’s writer Charles Soule. As promised in a video interview Soule is going to participate in the long tradition of Daredevil writers of leaving Matt Murdock in an impossible situation that the next writer needs to untangle.

Soule mentions in the interview “A lot of writers in the past have left Daredevil in terrible situations at the end of their runs, Brian Michael Bendis put him in prison for Ed Brubaker to handle; Mark Waid, who preceded me, had Daredevil in San Francisco, his secret identity was blown, he wasn’t a lawyer anymore. I had to handle all of that.”

The final arc of Daredevil is going to begin on October 17 and it’s going to come out bi-weekly with the final volume being #612 that’s going to hit the shelves on November 28.

Written by Angelos Savvaidis

Digital Marketing enthusiast by day Comic Book Geek by night!

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