September 24, 2019

Harleen #1 - Comic Series Preview

With works like Sunstone, Switch, and Justice League Odyssey, Stjepan Sejic has set himself as one of the most iconic singular creators. One of his newest projects, Harleen, will hit the comic stores on the 25th of September and the spotlights are, we believe, right to be pointed at it.

Harleen will depict the story of Harley Quinn, and it is compiled by three acts, and with their turn, each act will consist of three issues. The first act will be Gotham, the second will be the story of her and Joker while the third will be about her split up with Joker with the friend of her new friend, Poison Ivy.

"Harleen is a story about the birth of a villain. Itís a story about somebody who wanted to do good but in the end made bad decisions and fell from grace." said Stjepan in an interview with Nerdist.

As readers, we have the privilege of knowing how this story ends in a way. We know that Dr. Harleen Quinzel ends being Harley Quinn and even though we have that spoiler embedded within us, Stjepan has a mastery of writing about relationships and this is no exception.

From what we so far know for "Harleen" is that we, in a way, might feel in a way that Dr. Harleen actually believed or wanted to believe that she will save Joker from his insanity, that she might be able to pull him out of it. In the words of Sejic, this is a Beauty and the Beast story with a twist. In the same interview as above Sejic mentions, "Itís an age-old romance archetype except with a twist. In most versions of romance novels where, you know, Beauty helps the Beast regain his humanity or be, you know, a wealthy billionaire with a penchant for BDSM at the end of it all, you know, itís always Beauty helps Beast gain his humanity. In this case, it doesnít go like that. The Beast pulls the Beauty a bit deeper into the pit. And thatís where the Beauty grows her own fangs."

So if you really want to experience the life of Dr. Harleen Quinzel and the birth of a new villain, Harley Quinn then head over to your favorite comic store or get your copy online from Amazon or Ebay.

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