Marvel Comic Character First Appearances

Marvel Comics has been around for tens of decades and within those, they have published thousands of comic issues and created hundreds of heroes and villains that we enjoy reading their stories in comic books or watching in movies and TV series.

But when did your favorite character first appeared and in which comic? Who was the creator of each one of them?

Just search the name of the character, comic title, writer or artist name in the search bar. If we don’t have the one that you are looking for, we soon will. We are constantly trying to add more and more character first appearances.

Character / TeamYearFirst AppearanceCreator
Namor (The Sub-Mariner)April, 1939Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 Bill Everett
Ka-Zar (David Rand)October, 1939Ka-Zar #1Bob Byrd
Human Torch (android)October, 1939Marvel Mystery Comics #1Carl Burgos
Angel (Thomas Halloway)October, 1939Marvel Mystery #1Paul Gustavson
ElectroFebruary, 1940Marvel Mystery #4Steve Dahlman
Black Widow (Claire Voyant)August, 1940Mystic Comics #4George Kapitan,
Harry Sahle
Falcon (Carl Burgess)June, 1940Daring Mystery Comics #5Maurice Gutwirth
Toro (Thomas Raymond)September, 1940Human Torch Comics #2Carl Burgos
Vision (Aarkus)November, 1940Marvel Mystery Comics #13Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
Captain America (Steve Rogers)March, 1941Captain America Comics #1Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
Bucky (James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes)March, 1941Captain America Comics #1Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
Blazing Skull (Mark Anthony Todd)March, 1941Mystic Comics #5Bob Davis
Black Marvel (Daniel Lyons)March, 1941Mystic Comics #5Al Gabriele
Fin (Peter Noble)April, 1941Daring Mystery Comics #7Bill Everett
Thunderer (Jerry Carstairs)April, 1941Daring Mystery Comics #7Carl Burgos, John Compton
Father Time (Larry Scott)September, 1941Captain America Comics #6Stan Lee, Al Avison
Destroyer (Kevin Marlow)October, 1941Mystic Comics #6Stan Lee, Jack Binder
Whizzer (Robert Frank)August, 1941USA Comics #1Al Avison
Miss America (Madeline Joyce)November, 1944Marvel Mystery Comics #49Otto Binder, Al Gabriele
Patsy Walker (Patricia "Patsy" Walker)November, 1944Miss America Magazine #2Stuart Little, Ruth Atkinson
Blonde Phantom (Louise Grant)September, 1946All Select Comics #11Stan Lee, Syd Shores
Namora (Aquaria Neptunia)
May, 1947Marvel Mystery Comics #82Ken Bald, Bob Powell
Loki (Loki Laufeyson)August, 1949Venus #6Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Zombie (Simon William Garth)July, 1953Menace #5Stan Lee, Bill Everett
Frankenstein's MonsterSeptember, 1953Menace #7Stan Lee, Joe Maneely

Written by Angelos Savvaidis

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