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New Mutants could be an R Rated Movie

New Mutants producer, in an interview with  Collider that New Mutants can be an R-Rated Movie.

“It’s the kind of movie that could go R, or it could be a hard PG-13. As I was saying before in terms of subgenres or the genre, it is obviously teased as a horror film, and most horror films these days are R-rated, but it stars a very young cast, so we’ll see. It really is what the movie wants to be. The studio is open to either rating… Traditionally, superhero movies are PG-13 other than Logan and the Deadpool movies, and generally, horror films are R-rated, so we’ll see where this one falls. It is a very scary, edgy movie.”

New Mutants posterThe movie is set out to be released August 2, 2019 after countless, delays and reshoots.

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