June 2, 2019

Saga Collectible Toys

As to be expected from Saga, voted one of the best comics of all time, its collectible toys sales have been off the roof for the past few years with some of them being the best Funko Pop! Vinyls you've ever seen and quite hard to get your hands onto.

If you are not sure what Saga is then check out our full on Saga comic review.

The Will Bloody Face Funko Chase Variant

The Will Saga Funko Chase Variant

The Will, the famous bounty hunter that with the help of his sidekick "The Lying Cat" can easily detect when they've been lied to. The above version is a Funko Pop! Chase version which adds a splash of blood on The Will's face.

The Will

The Will Saga Funko Pop

As per above this is the default version of The Will. Easier to be found and much cheaper but missing that bloody stamp on his face that makes the chase so much better.


Marko Funko Pop

Marko is the father of the heroine and in most cases, the narrator of the comic is one of the main characters in Saga. Marko has magical powers and you can easily tell from the little blue fire he is holding in one hand!


Alana Saga Funko

The epitome of what means to be a mother. Alana is the wife of Marko and mother to Hazel, a main character of the Saga comic series. Nothing can stop her from protecting her daughter!

Lying Cat Barnes and Noble Exclusive

Lying Cat Barnes and Noble Exclusive Funko

The trusted sidekick of The Will, the Lying Cat can detect every time someone lies to them. But as every other cat, she likes to be adored! This Funko is a Barnes and Noble exclusive Funko!


Isabel Funko Saga Babysitter

Probably the most iconic babysitter of all time. Isabel is a ghost turn in half watching over Hazel. Couldn't be better for a Funko!

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