Marvel #1000 In Memoriam

This year marks Marvel's 80th Anniversary and along with a number of yearly celebrations, Marvel published Marvel Comics #1000. The oversized one-shot issue features stories from most current writers and artists in their library.

Along with those awesome stories, Marvel added an in-memoriam page which contains the names of the brilliant artists and writers we lost during the past decades.

Over 150 names of real-life heroes that made Marvel the name, it is today. From Stan Lee and Steve Ditko to Jack Kirby and a 150 more this names are featured in a full-page art from the "The Death of Captain Marvel" (1982) where all the heroes are gathered to pay their tributes.

Marvel Comics #1000 in memoriam

Custom Stan Lee with Infinity Gauntlet Funko Pop!

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Stan Lee Infinity Gauntlet Funko Pop

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