May 31, 2019

Tom King to co-write Kirby's "New Gods" Movie

Tom King, the acclaimed comic writer of "Batman" and "Mister Miracle" will be the co-writer of Kirby's "New Gods" alongside with award-winning Ava DuVernay.

The announcement came via a tweet from Ava DuVernay herself.

The "New Gods" story revolves around the intergalactic war between two planets. New Genesis, ruled by the Highfather and Apokolips ruled by Darkseid who is the ultimate DC boss and looking for the anti-life equation in order to remove free will from the universe.

The legendary Jack Kirby created the "New Gods" epic mythology in the '70s which contains a plethora of amazing characters and stories. Thankfully, Tom King is far from new to this world since he recently won an award on his acclaimed run on Kirby's Mister Miracle!

Other Tom King news this week, DC recently announced Tom King leaving the Batman franchise to run a 12 issue story around Batman and Catwoman.

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