May 4, 2019

Top Star Wars Collectible Toys

There is always room for more toys. Especially if they are the right ones.

May the 4th marks another Star Wars Day for Star Wars fans across the galaxy and even though most of the world knows Star Wars from the movie hits that keep on giving, we can't forget the amazing line of toys that have been decorating our shelves for the past few decades and there is no better day than Star Wars Day to get your share of Star Wars collectibles.

Ever since the first Star Wars movie people have been collecting Star Wars merchandise and prominently display them and for a good reason. If you are a toys collector then you know the why but if you are not then the only thing that you need to do is check some of these wonderful pieces right here to get you started.

Star Wars Collectible Toys

Star Wars toys have been around since the first movie came out and it's no secret they can be pretty expensive with a single toy having sold for $150,000. But this is not the majority of toys and if you are not into new (even though they look good) then you will love some of the older toys that still have some reasonable price with opened toys selling around $30 to $60 and unopened in their original packaging selling anywhere from $600 to a few thousand US dollars.

Most notable among the first vintage now toys are that of Darth Vader, Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo.

Even though the above have a higher price range there are great deals and opportunities that appear from time to time within eBay or Amazon that could easily turn your hobby into a great investment.

New Star Wars Toys are also a great investment and with Lego and Pop Vinyl making it easier than ever to become a collector you could get the toy that matches the movie you liked and with a growing francise it is almost guaraanteed that it will worth something in a few years time.

Check out some of the newer Star Wars toys from Lego or Pop and take your pick.

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