August 3, 2019

Who is Mason in Black Widow Movie

Little to nothing has yet to be announced for the character O-T Fagbenle (The Handmaid's Tale) is portraying in the upcoming Marvel movie, "Black Widow", Mason. Theories seem to suggest that this might be an entirely new character in the MCU created specifically for this movie.

Trying to connect the dots from the Marvel Comics to the Marvel Cinematic Universe we believe that O-T might be portraying Mason a character simply called "The Agent" in the Marvel Comics.

Marvel Graphic Novel #57 - Rick Mason the Agent
Marvel Graphic Novel #57

First appeared in the Marvel Graphic Novel #57 back in 1990, Mason was the son of Phineas Mason and Deborah Watts Mason. Having grown in an environment of advanced technology due to his father being the famous criminal inventor, Tinkerer, Rick Mason grew up to become a mercenary specialized in handling superhumans in a non-lethal way.

Rick Mason was a freelancer with huge expertise built not only from his father but from training alongside Nick Fury, Alexi Vazhin and Sir Denis Nayland making his one of the best-trained convert operatives only found online with the name "The Agent".

Mason fought off renegade members of China Force which were trying to undermine the British government in Hong Kong and similarly in South America. He was then forced to kill Teng Yun-Suan, one of his oldest mentors for being responsible for these attempted coups.

Unfortunately "The Corporation" a criminal organization, took Mason hostage in an attempt to force Tinkerrer, Mason's father, to work for them exclusively. Mason managed to escape only to find that his father had sent Luke Cage and Dakota North to rescue him and together they defeated "The Corporation".

Unfortunately, later Rick Mason was assassinated by an unnamed super-villain and his identity as "The Agent" became public knowledge.

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